Massage Therapy Effects

Neck tense? Stressed and tired? Or just aching feet from a long day on high heels? Then let yourself be pampered with targeted hand movements and experience the beneficial effect of the foot reflex zone massage.

A foot reflex zone massage not only loosens muscles and tendons or increases local blood circulation. In addition to relaxation, it should also help with a variety of chronic and acute illnesses – provided that the foot reflex zone massage is performed professionally.

Foot reflex zone therapy assigns different areas of the foot to specific organs. As on a map, the so-called reflex points are distributed on the sole of the foot. A massage of these zones improves organ function and stimulates self-healing powers. The aim of such a reflex zone treatment is to dissolve blockages and to bring the entire system back into balance through deep relaxation. But this is not only about techniques: The foot reflex zone massage is an effective healing method that takes a holistic view of the person and does not only treat individual symptoms.

How the foot reflex zone massage works has not yet been scientifically proven. With many complaints however its positive effect can pay off that report experiences of patients and therapists. The effect includes both psychological and physical areas of the entire organism. Thus it is used as prevention and therapy, but also in the wellness area.

Where are the reflex points on the foot?

Take a closer look at your foot. You will discover that its curvature resembles the curve of your spine. You could almost say that the foot is a reflection of the seated person. So the toes are connected to the head zones. For example, the reflex zone of the brain lies on the big toe. The internal organs are arranged on the metatarsus: the intestines in the lower part, kidneys and heart in the middle and the lungs and bronchi in the upper third. At the bottom of the heel is the reflex point of the sciatic nerve. The foot reflex points are arranged all over the foot and reflect our body.

Foot to organ: How are the impulses transmitted?

The foot reflex zone massage is based on three basic theses:

  • The organs can be influenced by the skin.
  • Internal diseases are palpable on the foot
  • From the foot an effect can be achieved on all other parts of the body.

However, it is not necessarily the classical nerve pathways that are used in a foot reflex zone massage, but other transmission pathways. There are different theses on how the mechanical stimuli are transmitted via the receptors on the skin to the organs.

Orthodox medicine: reflex zones – do they really exist?

A success of the foot reflex zone massage is difficult to prove with orthodox medicine. This is because stimuli on the skin are – and this has been scientifically proven – transmitted via the nervous system to the spinal cord and the brain. Only from there do they reach the affected organs via nerve tracts. However, there is no proof of the existence of reflex zones that are directly connected to the organs. Nevertheless, some small scientific studies point to the effectiveness of foot reflex zone massage:

An ultrasound examination at the University of Innsbruck showed that the targeted treatment of the renal reflex points on the foot can stimulate the blood circulation of the organ.

Researchers at the University of Jena discovered that treatment of the knee reflex zone can reduce the pain associated with knee joint arthrosis.

Of reflex arcs and impulses

In naturopathy it is assumed that impulses are transmitted not only via the nerve tracts but also via so-called reflex arcs. They are presumed to occur between the skin and the muscles. There is therefore probably a direct connection between individual zones on the skin surface and the internal organs via which nerve impulses can be transmitted. A comprehensible theory, since in our feet the considerable number of over 70,000 nerves ends.

The direct connection between inside and outside is shown by the fact that in a disease not only the organ itself is impaired, but also the environment of the corresponding skin area. If a reflex zone on the foot is particularly sensitive, this is an indication that something is wrong with the corresponding organ. Irritation of the reflex zone loosens, relaxes and improves blood circulation. Deposits dissolve. This increases well-being and activates the self-healing powers.

The origin of the foot reflex zone therapy can be found in Far Eastern medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine has always used the reflex zones for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Like the foot reflex zone massage, acupuncture or acupressure are also based on the idea that certain zones of the skin connect with the internal organs via energy flows.

Treating the whole person

In holistic medicine, it is believed that each cell contains the complete information of the body. And also the shape of an upright foot and a sitting body are strikingly similar. All systems can therefore be easily transferred to the foot and treated from there. In addition to a positive reaction to the organs, the foot reflex zone massage not only addresses the body, but also the psyche.

The foot reflex zone massage and its effect

Increase physical well-being

As with any other massage, the foot reflex zone treatment stimulates the general circulation in the entire body. This can have a positive effect on the whole organism. In addition, complaints, for example in the kidneys or in the gastrointestinal tract, can be alleviated specifically via the reflex zones. In addition to the internal organs, bones, joints and muscles also benefit.

The healing power of touch

Strokes, a hearty embrace, a friendly handshake – touch is an elementary component in all areas of life that people cannot do without. Even when massaging, touch alone has a positive effect on well-being. It conveys comfort and security, calms and relaxes. This helps us to perceive our body more consciously and we feel more clearly what does us good and what harms us.

The positive body contact literally goes under the skin: it causes an increase in the oxytocin level, an anti-stress hormone. It also increases the release of the “happiness hormone” serotonin. We feel much better. The relaxing effect of touch can relieve chronic pain and strengthen the immune system in the long term.

The effect on the psyche

Psychic relaxation is one of the beneficial effects of a foot reflex zone massage. The fact that body, mind and soul are closely related to each other alone has a positive effect on the state of mind. For example, foot reflex zone therapy can help with depression, nervousness or sleep disorders.

Conclusion: The stimulation of the foot reflex zones can effectively support and accelerate the healing of both acute and chronic complaints. This can be easily implemented at any time – without any aids or extensive previous knowledge. So start right away! You can also find masseurs for medical massages on our website.

Foot reflex zone massage: A small guide

Make yourself aware of one thing: the foot reflex zone massage is much more than just a pleasant massage. This is why self-treatment cannot replace professional foot reflex zone therapy. Nevertheless, with a little experience, you can learn to relax well with a self-massage of the feet. So there is nothing to be said against gently massaging your feet yourself at home.

Warm your feet in preparation with a soothing foot bath.

Sit on a chair and lean back a little. Now place your right foot on your left thigh (and vice versa). Pull the foot towards the body with both hands. Are they flexible enough? Then you can also perform the treatment in a cross-legged position.

Hold the foot with both hands. The thumbs are on the sole of the foot, the fingers on the back of the foot. To warm the tissue, wipe the feet from the toes to the heel. Now you can start the treatment: Massage each toe individually with a circular movement of the thumbs and work your way forward with light pressure over the entire foot up to the heel.
Attention: Painful points, swelling or discoloration indicate reflex symptoms. These belong in the hands of a therapist or doctor.

The foot reflex zone massage as a meaningful accompanying therapy
With the massage of the reflex zones on the foot, various illnesses and complaints can be treated. It can be used as an independent therapy, but is usually used as a supportive measure for other therapeutic measures. It can help to accelerate the healing process. For example, in the case of headaches, sinusitis, intestinal diseases, back or joint complaints, but also stress, the foot reflex zone therapy can be a useful accompanying therapy.