About Me





Hi There! My name is Cindy Clavel and I am both the founder of this blog and a dietist. The purpose of jdtyresmitchelstown is to provide answers to many lost souls out there who are keen in healthy eating but have no grounds to start on. I will be posting every Monday and Tuesday with new articles to comply to different needs that i receive in my contact forms, if not I will source out for other articles to keep you updated with the latest superfood discovery or whatsoever.Also, fitness does interest me as it is part of living a healthy lifestyle thus I will write articles about general health and how we can maintain our fitness levels that I decided to take it one more step forward so that I can make a difference in the life of the people who get to read my articles. I have also covered topics about weight loss if that is what you are looking at. So read on….enjoy and also implement them to see the results yourself.  I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and have taken some of the suggestions that I have shared here! I look forward to seeing a change in YOU!

Thank you for the undying support xx